The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short, but in setting our aim too low and achieving our mark.
— Michelangelo

All my life, art has played a huge part of who I am.  Growing up with nature and visiting art galleries with my mom was laying a foundation for my career. At 8 years old, I got into my dad’s paints and painted a mural of Fred Flinstone and Snoopy in our basement. It was then that my parents noticed a natural talent. Because I’ve always been drawn to large, powerful images, I discovered at 18 that I could have a career doing what I love – art.

Mural Décor was born in 1986. I’m humbled and grateful for the journey this career choice has lead me on over the last 30 years. From commissions for large companies, corporate accounts and private collectors, this career has allowed me to travel to every state in the nation and some projects out of the country.

As a self-taught artist, the people I’ve met and the experience I’ve gained has gifted me with character, professionalism and skill. To name a few, I’ve worked with CEO’s, professional athletes, celebrities, major construction companies nationwide, doctors, small business owners and residential clients. Every project I complete is customized. I consider design, colors, theme, detail and budget. There are no two murals alike.

My murals are all hand-painted and designed specifically for each client. Each project includes: research & design, preliminary drawings until approved, labor, supplies, shipping costs if any and warranty. As always, I offer free quotes for your project. Contact me anytime.

In July 2016, I launched Jerry Ragg Wildlife Art offering limited edition giclees and original paintings. This is going full circle for me because fine art is what inspired me in the first place when I was young. You can visit my online gallery at:

I live in San Diego county with my wife of 27 years and daughter, 15. We have two grown sons who live nearby.

Transforming Your World One Brushstroke At A Time